Zoeller M63 Premium Series Detailed Product Review

The M63 Premium Series by Zoeller is one of the best sump pumps you can get. It is made in America and is a great assistant in saving your basement from flogging. In this review, our team is going to talk about its characteristics and functions. Also, we have some words to share about the installation and maintenance. Something really useful is going to be our pros and cons, which may help you make the perfect choice for your household.

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Key characteristics

Zoeller M63 PREMIUM SERIESThe device’s housing material is cast iron. A sump pump system for aquariums with a cast-iron housing very well distributes the heat from the motor. This way, it’s ensuring the longest possible operation.

The Zoeller M63 is submersible, which means you shouldn‘t worry when there is a lot of water in your basement. The device will work perfectly even it is fully underwater. This sump pump’s horsepower is 3/10 (0.30) hp. and discharge of 1-1/2-inch NPT. Its maximum discharge flow rate is 43 gpm or in other words, about 2580 gph – not bad at all.

The item weighs 28.1 pounds and its dimensions are 10.2 x 7.8 x 10.2 inches.  The voltage is 115 volts and there aren’t any batteries required or needed.

What will it do?

We all know that the sump pump systems are the best ways to cope with the floods in the rainy season. Don’t worry if this sump pump is underwater, because, as we said, it is submersible, and it continues its work perfectly. The cast iron housings and the good motor on the pump can handle long run times and heavy pumping volume.

It will pump out 2580 gallons per hour and runs quietly, so you won’t be annoyed and your neighbors won’t hate you. Something really interesting is the green LED in the plug, which is a nice feature. This one shows you if the pump is getting electricity.

The manufacturer has overhauled the switch design giving the product a smoother operation. You can rest assured that the Zoeller M63 will serve you well for at least 5 years because that’s the warranty you get.


If you follow the instructions in the manual it will take you less than an hour to install the sump pump. The crucial factor here is the fittings. If you get some that are too small, you will also have some reduced water flow.

Larger fittings are not an option because they will surely leak. If you think you might not cope with the task, you are better off getting a plumber to do the whole installation of the unit for you.


This M63 Premium Series by Zoeller is easily installed and maintained. Not everybody can be a plumber, and maybe you have asked your self “How a sump pump works?”. Don’t hesitate to check the manual. There you can find out how it works, how to install it and what maintenance is required. Everything is fully explained there, and we ensure you that there isn’t any specific maintenance you must do regularly.

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  • The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty.
  • It is submersible.
  • There is an upgrade to the internal switch design, compared to the older Zoeller’s sump pumps.
  • This device has a premium cast iron base
  • There is a green LED lighted plug, which shows if the sump pump gets electricity or no.
  • No battery is needed
  • Nicely constructed
  • American made



  • Value for money isn’t huge
  • The life of the device can be rather short

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