WAYNE WSS30V Combination Detailed Product Review

The sump pump which we are going to look at is WAYNE WSS30V Combination Sump Pump System which is assembled in the US with foreign and domestic parts. It is tested to 1 million cycles and designed for 15-inch diameter or larger sump basins.

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Key characteristics

WAYNE WSS30V Combination Sump Pump SystemIt has an alarm system, with status indicator lights, which lets you know when the backup system is active. The Combination Sump Pump system includes top-level suction which filters debris and minimizes clogging. The unit is durable, so that is a good reason to use it to its utmost limit. If a disaster such as inundation hits your area the sump pump’s high-flow will take care of all the water and your basement will be dry and safe.

One of the greatest things is that the WSS30V Combination Sump Pump System is corrosion-resistant, and it won’t break down or get rusty. Another component that takes care of your worries is the battery back-up pump with a reliable reed float switch. This one ensurеs the trouble-free work of the pump even if you are in distress.

Also, there is a battery box which blocks water and eventually stops acid floods from entering the battery. Other things you can find are a charger, 2 heavy-duty check valves, a cast-iron primary pump and a vertical float switch for automatic operation.

It requires one 40-amp/hour or 75-amp/hour deep cycle battery. The item weighs 155.1 pounds. The Horsepower is 0.5 and the warranty is 5 years.

What will it do?

One of the hardest questions to a household is “How to protect the basement from floods ?”. A possible solution is to install such a device. The Maximum flow of this pump is 4200 gallons per hour. Thanks to the pump’s unique suction design the filtration of debris is a lot easier. This product minimizes clogging very well. The WAYNE WSS30V Combination Sump Pump System has high-performance 12-volt back-up pumps up to 3300 gallons per hour, making it one of the highest performing sump pumps. It works really silently, which is perfect if you don’t want to hear strange noises from your basement. Nobody wants to live in a horror movie, right?


One of the best things is that this sump pump system has a quick and very easy installation. The ESP15 (the pre-assembled) and ESP25 (the backup system) are two separate battery-operated backup systems. If you go through the steps the installation process will take you about an hour. The maximum flow here is 4200 gallons per hour, so be prepared to install roomier and bigger pipes.


It is good to check the battery condition once a month. If you don’t have a hydrometer, go and buy one, because the charge for each cell should be checked by it. An inexpensive hydrometer can be purchased at an automotive parts dealer. Take a Look at the terminals and clamps for corrosion and tightness, if it is necessary, clean and tighten them.

Another thing you can do is to unplug the main pump and fill the sump with water until the backup pump turns on. Repeat this step two times to be sure the pump is operating normally. If everything is okay, plug the charger into the wall outlet, turn on the main pump and enjoy it.


  • Everything necessary is included.
  • It sits perfectly in the bottom of the sump pit, rather than being attached to the middle of the discharge pipe such as many small, backup pumps.
  • The float ( the switch) is small and moves vertically so there is less worry about it getting stuck on the pump (on the pipe) as it rises or falls.

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  • Poor packaging by the manufacturer.
  • Some of the casing screws aren’t completely tight.
  • The Sump Pump is plastic, so it’s harder to screw in a 1-1/2″ adapter and you have to be careful to not damage or cross thread it or else you’ll need to get a new pump.
  • It has poor alarm design which only emits a few seconds long beep when it gets activated and after that stops signalizing.

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