SumpMarine SM10102 Detailed Product Review

Now we are going to introduce you to the Sump Marine SM10102. It is a necessary tool for every basement, especially if you live in a rainy environment with rising water levels. The size of this product renders is at as a portable one unlike most of the more popular sump pumps on the market.

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Key characteristics

SumpMarine SM10102The sump pump is powered by a pretty durable, oil-cooled electric motor. This unit has a max submersion depth of 16.5 ft. It includes various fittings for outflow, and it can sustain a max delivery height of 23 ft. It works with 110V or 115V circuits. If you want to use it outside of the US, you will need an adaptor. The sump pump will not only suck water away from your house’s foundation but it has a higher base plate which assures the prevention of debris collection in the sump pit.

The maximum flow is 2,000 gallons of water per hour, which is good on average. It has an adjustable tether switch, multi fitting elbow, and an extra-long cord. The pump can be placed in water and it will be perfectly fine because it is sealed.

This will prevent electrical short circuits while underwater making it a great option if you also want to get a pool cleaning sump pump Since its a  portable pump, it doesn’t have to be permanently installed.  Note that the pump doesn’t require batteries, it weighs 5 pounds and it is  13 x 6.5 x 8.8 inches.

What will it do?

Unfortunately, in our fast-changing environment, rain showers and floods are becoming serious problems for households in general. In order to be prepared for moments like this, the Sump Marine pump is a possible solution to these kinds of situations. The maximum flow of 2000 gallons of water per hour and the submersion depth of 16.5 ft. allows the device to do its job very good. The portable sump pump is also very quiet and it will not disturb you when you need to drain water with it.


It is a great pump for such a low price and it can be easily installed and drained. Follow the owner’s manual strictly, but we can tell you that you also can attach the sump pump to a 1 1/4″ hose with a rise of 4 ft.  This way you will be able to get rid of 720 gallons per hour.  Since you can see that the number isn’t massive, this has to show you that it isn’t a heavy-duty pump. You should also note that the sump pump check valve is sold separately.


Some special kind of maintenance isn’t necessary and everything you need to know is fully explained in the owner’s manual. In order for the pump to work at its best, it isn’t recommended that you use it in really dirty water, because it might get clogged.

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  • It has an auto “on and off”, which prevents dry running when the water level drops
  • The pump is really quiet
  • it has an adjustable tether switch, which controls the level of water you want to pump out.
  • It can drain an above ground pool.


  • This pump is designed for a vertical application. The picking up is on the bottom.
  • The check valve is sold separately.
  • There will always remain about 1 inch of water that the pump does not suck out regardless of the switch position.

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