Safely Replace Your Sump Pump

Did you notice how the title contains the word “safely” in it? This is because the procedure of replacing a sump pump at home requires a little bit more attention than you possibly expect. There are some safety steps to be taken and without them, you might damage your unit or might even end up threatening your own health.

This is why we always begin by saying: unplug your existing sump pump from the outlet. Once the electricity is cut off, you want to take care of the power cord. In case it has been secured to your discharge pipe, cut the zip ties using pliers or a pair of scissors.

So far you have probably realized that this process is pretty much the same as installing a sump pump but in a reverse order. Now that you have freed the cord from the clutches of the pipes, coil it and set it aside.

The Wet Job

Safely Replace Sump Pump

It is obvious that you also want to detach the piping connections if you want to take the existing sump pump out of the pit. This process begins by disconnecting your check valve. Don’t worry if some water starts dripping. It will only get stronger the looser the check valve is.

There will always be some residual water inside your discharge pipe so you have to be ready to get wet. Let all the water drain from the discharge pipe. After you’ve loosened the camps enough, the pipes will come undone. Now you have to do the same with the check valve and the sump pump i.e the lower side of the check valve.

Taking the sump pump out is also an important moment because some water will drip all over the place. What many people do is simply use the box of the new sump to store the old one. All in all, you never want to simply throw away the used device. If you wish to dispose of or recycle your iron unit, there are certain procedures and areas to do so properly. Until then, let it rest in the box.

Dealing With The New Pipe

Safely Replace Your Sump Pump

You don’t want to use the old pipe coming out of your pump so this is why we advise you to buy a brand new PVC discharge pipe. Note that this is the part which comes out of the pump and the check valve is installed onto its other end. The main outlet pipe of the house will not be altered in any way. You are only replacing the pipe between the unit and the check valve.

We assume you have also gotten the right fitting for the pipe. Now screw it onto the sump pump and let it stick up. Make sure the pipe is tightly secured because otherwise, you run the risk of getting leaks. Next, line up the old sump pump next to the new one and align the pipes. Cut the new pipe so that it is the same length as the old one.

Installing  your new check valve is not hard but you have to make sure that the arrows on the pipe are pointing up. The purpose of the check valve in the first place is to prevent any water from coming back to the pump. Well, that’s why you have those arrows pointing upwards.

Again, you want to make sure that clamps are tightly sealed. Before you put your pump in the pit, you have one more thing to take care of.

Cleaning The Pit

Inspect your pit as well as you can. Yes, there will be water in it but you want to see whether the condition of the liner is good or not. In case you notice any cracks or even holes in the body of the liner, you will need to replace it.

Also, see if the water is full of gravel or silt. You want to clean the pit as much as you can. Your main goal is to make sure your new pump does not get clogged. Additionally, such debris will also raise the level of the water deceivingly making your pump work a little extra.

The Last Step

Here you simply want to connect the upper end of the check valve to the discharge pipe. Then, what needs to be done is to again secure the power cord to the pipe and plug it in an outlet at a safe distance. This is it!

If you are in search of an affordable one, here is our post where we compare the best sump pumps on the market.

Good luck!

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