Liberty Pumps 257 Detailed Product Review

You can find all sorts of sump pumps featuring a wide array of characteristics. The device we are going to review is Liberty Pumps 257, which will be your best friend in the fight against the water in your basement.

Key characteristics

Liberty Pumps 257 is an automatic submersible sump pump. It comes with a magnetically operated vertical float switch, which helps you to detect the level of liquid within the tank. This is is not recommended for effluent applications due to their short On/Off-cycle. The device works with a 10ft power cord and its power is 1/3 HP. Something you must know is that the turn-on level of the non-adjustable switch is 7 inches and the turn-off level is 3-1/2 inches.

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The Liberty Pumps 257 has 1-1/2″ NPT discharge and 1/2″ solids-handling, which is very important in the chemical process and to romp through it. It works with 18′ shut-off head- a part of the characteristic curves. Also, you can see that it has a unique one-piece cast iron housing and thermally protected permanently lubricated motor.

What will it do?

Liberty’s pump is the perfect choice for pumping and basement de-watering. This sump pump is for 10-Inch sump pits in diameter, but it can operate in a smaller pit. It doesn’t need a lot of space to work. What else could you want? Its main function is for sumping and de-watering applications only.

This rugged and dependable sump pump is built with a heavy-duty cast. It is made from iron, and that is a good reason to use it heavily. Last but not least, this sump pump features a powder coat finish, which is more durable than its liquid counterpart.


Liberty Pumps 257If you choose to buy this 257 Liberty pump, please note that there are some tools required such as a pipe wrench, a regular screwdriver, and a hacksaw in order for you to install the unit. You will also need them for replacement or removal of existing rigid piping.

Also, you need to use a threaded pipe on the discharge hole. You can get a threaded PVC adapter. The threaded end fits the pump and glue 1 1/2″ PVC pipe into the other end. If you want to avoid the pump getting air-locked you can drill a small hole as per instructions on the vertical rise.

For better protection, consider the addition of a backup pump or a sump pump alarm for applications where the loss of pump function could result in some property damage. If an alarm is used, it must be connected to a separate electrical circuit.


One of the good things is that routine or basic maintenance of the sump pump is not required on this pump itself. But similar to every other device, occasional attention won’t be superfluous. Lint and foreign objects should be removed from the pit periodically too. These are some routine checks which won’t be a burden to you at all. Another thing you can do is to cycle the pump occasionally using a garden hose to check operation and make certain the float is working properly.

In case the sump pump breaks down and you want to replace it note that the Standard limited warranty is 3 years. Something really important is to not let the pump run dry.

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  • The vertical float of Liberty Pump 257 keeps the water level low.
  • It is really easy to install
  • The device works very quietly
  • The sump pump pumps up to 50 GPM, in other words, 3000 GPH



  • In case of big floods, this sump pump needs a backup.
  • Does not come with an alarm

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