Glentronics, Inc. DFK-961 Detailed Product Review

We are going to show you The Glentronics, Inc. DFK-961 1/3 Horsepower Basement Watchdog Submersible Combination Sump Pump System. The Basement Watchdog 1/3 HP is designed to be very compact, but despite that, it can drain flooded basements or other areas.

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Key characteristics

This AC-powered primary pump operates as long as power is available. It has a battery backup sump pump which automatically begins pumping if the power is interrupted or if more water is coming into the sump than the primary pump can’t handle. The combination sump pump system offers you a user-friendly controller which sounds an alarm, illuminates a warning light and prompts what to do for easy maintenance. The unit has a compact design that helps it fit in pits with diameters as small as 12 in. The device weighs 18.5 lb and it is 8.8 x 10 x 17.8 inches.

What will it do?

Glentronics Basement Watchdog Submersible Combination Sump Pump SystemThe sump pumps have a lot of different applications. This one can be used not only for draining your basement but also for draining your yard or garage. In fact, there are at least 6 surprising usages for your sump pump which are really interesting.

Note that the primary system pumps 2,600 GPH at 10 ft. lift and 3,600 GPH at 0 ft. lift. And the backup system pumps 1,000 GPH at 10 ft. lift and 2,000 GPH at 0 ft. lift. These characteristics allow for a more versatile installation of the pump inside your basement.


Speaking of installation, the unit is installed easily because it comes with all the instructions in a manual. Also, if your pit is already dug out and in case you simply have to replace an old pump with this new one, you will require no time at all. Installing the backup battery is a whole other story and will take more than 60 minutes.

What you need to watch for is the lift and the denivelation at which water is pumped. As clear in the specs above, the less height the water has to travel, the better the flow rate of your pump. So if you are lucky to have an outlet pipe stretching low in the foundations of the house, then you will get quite the maximum capabilities of your pump.


The watchdog Submersible Combination Sump Pump System has a user-friendly controller, which sounds an alarm or illuminates a warning sign, diagnosing the issue you need to address.

The system has also a controller, a charger, two dual micro reed float switches, a primary pump, and a back-up pump, instruction manual. This set is pretty standard for all other good sump pump systems. And only the battery and acid are sold separately.

Note that on the side of the unit, there is a warning “Don’t lift by this” which is on the primary float sensor. The warning sign aims to protect the sensor, which needs to be handled with caution.

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  • By far the most reasonable price and best quality out there.
  • Easy to install.
  • The backup sump pump keeps you safe if the power goes off.
  • Pretty quiet as well.


  • It could be slightly susceptible to corrosion.

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